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To place an order, you may Phone Us or E-Mail Us!

Operating Hours are Monday-Thurs
Friday 8:00am - 12:00pm PST

General: Minimum Order/Shipment = $100.00
FOB – Las Vegas, NV 89135
We do not accept FOB Destination.
Terms: Net – 30 days on approval of credit.
Visa & Mastercard orders accepted.
C.O.D. shipments available for all new customers requesting same day shipments without approval of credit.
Scheduling: We will schedule your shipments for up to six months from date of order.
Shipping: We ship via UPS or at your request.
Cancellations: Orders are not subject to cancellations, revisions, or excessive schedule changes, without our approval. Reasonable fees may be assessed for any changes.
Returned items: NO materials may be accepted for return without prior authorization. Contact customer service for assistance in returning discrepant materials @ 1-702-444-7724
Inspection Info: Please Note —> Our parts are commercial in nature and are manufactured to meet a tolerance of +/- .010 unless noted otherwise

Also note—> Quantities shipped are subject to a 10% variation due to slight material weight variations.


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